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EyePal® Care Manual

The EyePal Care Manual is short and sweet. Clean glasses are a must with static-cling EyePals. The other challenge is finger oil so wash the EyePal with hand soap and warm water, dry it and with it on your fingertip, rub it on a piece of fleece or polyester to charge it up. It should stick to your fingertip when charged up this way. Store EyePals in their included Contact lens Case to keep them clean.

A visit to my Ophthalmologist

My eyes were acting strangely and my O.D. did some looking around. My cataracts were at the same level as last year. My focus was not stable and it bothered me. He asked about my blood sugar levels and I told him that when my blood sugar was down, my blood pressure was down as well and made me feel unwell. When he asked about hydration, I said I thought I was dehydrated more often lately. He said that diabetics often have changes in eye function where the lens is affected adversely. With hydration and snacks during the day, my symptoms have largely stabilized. Based on our gun show experiences, I remarked on the number of shooters with diabetes who are now shooting better with the EyePal aperture as it resolved their changing sight picture. My ophthalmologist asked how EyePal was doing and then he asked about having a Master kit on hand to show to his shooters. He knows that shooting glasses only show the sights in focus but not the target.  He feels that just by having EyePals on hand that word will spread to other ophthalmologists and optometrists who will take an interest in solving their target shooter’s dilemma. 

EyePal customers and their vision challenges

The many thousands of customers looking for a vision solution has been a humbling experience witnessed by us for over a ten-year presence at the New England and New York gun shows. Customers with some difficult vision challenges were shown a simple aperture that could resolve most of their issues. Many vision challenges were a life-long hindrance and the EyePal resolved those issues. Of course, there were a good number who denied any vision issues even though they wore Rx glasses. The women shooters were conscious of their vision issues and gladly accepted the opportunity to try EyePal on their Rx glasses. They also wanted to best their mates as well. The gun shows were a marketing resource where the need was adequately demonstrated and the simple solution was to the amazement of the attendees. The fact is 70% of the population has vision-correction and will not see well enough to visualize their rifle and pistol sights in focus. Many will not see the distant target either. Is it safe to say the EyePal aperture resolves many refractive errors of the eye? Simply stated; yes.

EyePal wholesale distribution challege

We started to get interest in 2012 from PyramydAir, a wholesale Airgun distributor in Solon, Ohio who received an EyePal customer email referral asking them to stock EyePal products. That was the waterfall that prevailed over the next few years that expanded to a co-branding effort with Lyman Products Corporation, Middletown, CT. Their global marketing presence and distribution has helped our wholesale volume grow substantially.  We also have a distributor in the UK who also takes care of the EU marketplace. The EyePal product has global distribution but lacks major marketing support as we are quite small as a business. The Small Business Administration defines a “small business” as having up to 500 employees. The Resident Artist Studio LLC is known as a “Mom and Pop” and we don’t have a brick and mortar presence. We do business on the web as www.residentartist.com. EyePal has a webpage www.EyePalUSA.com where orders are received and shipped. We continue to receive domestic and international orders from all over the globe and we’ve quite pleased with results.

EyePal customer feedback is important

EyePal is definitely a customer-oriented feedback dependent product. Should you contribute to the feedback? I would and I do contribute honest reviews of products I purchase on Amazon. If you have a moment, Google ”EyePal Peep” to see what others think of being able to see what they haven’t seen in years, possibly ever.

Here’s a “Top critical review” currently listed in Amazon;

Top critical review

2 people found this helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars well made, nice case. simple peep.
By Michial Celvion January 4, 2014
A little pricey for simple peeps that stick on. Nicely done peeps with a good holder. A peep can't really solve aging eyes completely. I used a +1.00 pair of safety glasses and put the peep on those. This brought the handgun sights in focus for my eye and the peep helped for the target at distance. After all, the sight picture at the gun is most critical. To see if this works for you prior to ordering, a peep in a piece of electrical tape would allow you to test the concept prior to ordering.

My comment is that all customer’s eyes are different just like our fingerprints. What works for him is important and it may help others to see how he compensated for his vision issue as “2 people found this helpful.” I’ll let the other reviews speak for themselves. Reviews have definitely contributed to the EyePal’s #1 position in popularity and performance among shooters with vision challenges and best of all, even those without correction.

EyePal Peep Sighting kits availability on the Amazon Marketplace

It’s a real pleasure to be able to look at the EyePal product reviews in the Amazon marketplace. Therein can be found a lot of feedback from customers who have vision challenges that make the target shooting hobby difficult at best. The Amazon feedback assessment is a true indicator of customer satisfaction with the products they buy. Most people we know search the net for product performance, pricing and availability before committing to buy online. EyePal kits can now be bought through Amazon from many sellers for many differing price points and shipping rates. It makes the decision to squeeze the trigger easier.

Back on the Range with EyePal

It has been a nice start to the summer and everyone is back on the range. The NRA CMP National Matches are underway at Camp Perry, OH. The CMP Awards Ceremony takes place on July 21 where class winners are acknowledged. EyePalUSA.com is a sponsor of the National Matches. All in all, it’s an extraordinary event. Consider attending the event if you’re located close to the Port Clinton area.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The case for custom EyePal aperture diameters, vision challenges and their applications

Over the past 15 years we’ve received notes, emails and calls about the EyePal aperture diameters and the depth of field they produce. The communications are from those afflicted with illnesses and the resulting effects on their vision.
In one case, despite all the attempts at a lens solution by his eye care specialist, the gentleman still couldn’t see what he needed when aiming his rifle. We met him at the Springfield Gun Show in 2009 and at that time he was 64 years old. He said that he had a distorted cornea since birth.
Using our Benjamin Sheridan air rifle sporting a ghost ring aperture and aiming at a target 10 meters away, he said that both sights and the target were in the blur. With an EyePal Rifle applied on his glasses in his line of sight, he said “WOW – you tricked my eye!  How did you do that?” I said, “I didn’t do it! I just put an aperture in your sightline. The aperture did it.”
He bought the EyePal Rifle kit and that’s the last we saw or heard of him.
There you have it, a shooter with a life-long vision challenge and just a small comment about his reaction to his new sight picture.
But wait – there’s more than meets the eye with another shooter, a veterinarian and a shotgun champion. He call one day last year and started the conversation saying his diabetes changes his vision and is not corrected by his prescription. Would the EyePal help in any way? Having a good number of customers with diabetes, I answered yes. After a few more calls commenting on the larger diameter apertures I made for him, he said the he was now well satisfied with the results of having a larger field of view complete with depth of field and he was now back in championship form for competition.
His experiences with the larger EyePal aperture fostered and produced the EyePal Shotgun kit for the ever-growing number of shotgun hobbyists.

Feedback contributes to unique solutions!

Customer's cataract issue and sight picture

Hello Charlie

Nice to hear from you.

I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I ordered the EyePals, they are still working well and sticking properly.

Not doing too well in competitions these days, took part in one yesterday, (10 m Air Pistol) had some back pain which did not help, but I’m ever optimistic in improving.

A little saga in the 3 years since using the EyePal:
About 3 years ago I had a cataract in my right eye so I could shoot with it, previously been using my left dominant eye. I had to wait a couple of months after the surgery before I could get the correct prescription, then the eye started to become cloudy again , the optician said it was due to thickening of the capsule, so made an appointment with the original surgeon for YAG laser posterior capsulotomy.

Later I found that when using the EyePal I could see a cloudy patch at the bottom 1/3 of the aperture, so back to the consultant, I explained I shoot in competitions and sight through a tiny aperture and could see this fuzzy area. He explained this was at the top of the capsule as the image is upside down. So another YAG laser treatment to remove more of the capsule.
All in all this took about 2 years.

Apparently this thickening occurs in around 20% of cases following cataract surgery.

A friend at the club mentions to me, from time to time, that he would prefer the aperture on the EyePal was a little larger. Have you heard this from anyone else at all ?

Kind regards,


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's in your Sight Picture?

EyePal Chronicle
February 2017

This image may be your sight picture if you're staring at the front sight of a rifle. Instructors tell their students to ignore the blurred back sight and target. The eye will want to wander downrange to the target and back again to the front sight. Ranging back and forth like this causes eyestrain. 
You might be saying "Hey, that's my sight picture" but then you might think again, "so what's this all about"?

There is no perfect sight picture in reality but most shooters and archers will say they have perfect vision when it comes to sighting an iron-sight rifle, handgun or bow. It's a case of coping with what vision is available to you either naturally or by prescription.

But consider the venerable peep-sight. It's generally mounted on the rifle’s receiver or its tang. For the archers, it is mounted in the bow-string. In this case as pictured above, the EyePal Rifle peep, produces Depth of Field and a sight picture with unprecedented visual acuity unobtainable with the natural eye, even with a prescription.  Moving the peep to the eyewear lens, you have what I have come to call an "eye-sight", in as much as the peep is now mounted on the glasses.
The peep is now very small, about 50 thousands of an inch in diameter. But size matters in this instance where the larger the diameter of the peep, close objects start to get fuzzy while distant objects stay in focus. This would be important for handguns and bows as the sights for these are at an arm’s length away from the eye. Distant objects are always clear in both cases where the diameters are suitable for rifles or handguns and bows.

EyePal® sorts out the visual acuity problem straight away. With the application of a small peep (also known as an aperture or pinhole) on any glasses, the resulting image when viewed through the “hole” is remarkably clear. The same is also true with the use of plain safety glasses. If numbers make more sense, the smaller peep produces 20/10 and the larger peep gives 20/15 and both produce Depth of Field, just like the Pinhole Camera. For those familiar with camera apertures and f-stops, the Rifle EyePal is an f40 and the Handgun/Bow is an f30. In the end, the eye sees what it could never see before; an absolutely focused sight picture and truly, a sight for sore eyes. See www.EyePalUSA.com for more answers.

Monday, January 23, 2017

AR15 customer's review

7/22/2010 3:02:49 PM

I ordered the “EyePal”  and it came in today and so I will do a mini review as a “thank you”.

First, I brought the “EyePal Rifle Kit” which comes with two aperture for rifle use only. The good news is that I think they make a big difference and will likely work. Will go out to the range tomorrow as weather permits to give them the “acid test”. Here are some initial impressions.

• You basically put these apertures on your safety glasses; they are made of that soft rubber material that self adhere to smooth surfaces and can be peeled off and put on again without any problem – GOOD!

• You have to adjust them a bit so that you can look out of the hole into your BUIS – NO PROBLEM.

• Since they are small holes, they do reduce the amount of light coming in significantly, so they probably will not work too well on a really dark day, but will work fine on a bright or sunny day. For the same reason, you should not use them on sunglasses, and yellow or clear lens safety glasses are preferable – SMALL PROBLEM.

• When I look through my Troy BUIS looking through the small peep rear sight at the HK style front sight what I normally see in simulated in this first image (although I had to use the large peep sight - what you will see is smalle since you will likely use the small peep sight). I see the semi-circular arms of the front sight and the aiming post in the middle. When I use the EyePal, the peep sight hole at on the back sight is significantly smaller in size and at the same distance from the rear sight, I can only see part of the front post (again smaller). This is in some ways not ideal because it does limit my visibility out of the sight, but since I am only shooting a paper target, this weakness is not “deadly”. – SMALL PROBLEM

• The reduced size of the hole you can see out of the rear sight is good in some aspect because it actually makes it easier to line up the two sights – GOOD

• The other thing that makes a big difference is that if I shoot with both eyes open, the target is now crystal clear from both eyes - so overall GOOD.

UK GunMart editor's EyePal review

By: Graham Allen, Editor, GunMart Magazine (UK)
I must admit that, when I was contacted by Peter Moseley from the company Tactical Scope about the EyePal Peep Sighting System, I was a little skeptical that such simple device could be quite as effective as he said it was. I’m not saying he was trying it on in any way but I’ve seen all sorts of products over the years that have made elaborate claims. Well, after testing it for a while, I can honestly say that everything he said is true!
The product has been designed to enable shooters with less than perfect vision to use open sights effectively. I’ve noticed over the last few years that I can’t quite get the open sights of a pistol in focus like I used to. The U-notch rear and blade foresight are a bit fuzzy these days, especially when the light levels are low and I’ve been thinking about investing in a couple of scopes for my favourite pistols; I won’t have to spend the money now!
The EyePal is a patented device that attaches to your shooting glasses. It’s essentially a non-marring piece of ‘static cling’ material (think of it as a sticker that’s not actually sticky!) with a small hole in the centre and it’s placed on the part of the lens where you would normally look through whilst shooting. The hole acts like a ‘pinhole camera’ and the resultant image is that of the sights and target being in focus. I can now get the foresight centrally in the rearsight, without any blurriness and the target is in focus like normal. It’s possible to use the EyePal with either one or both eyes open and it really has improved my shooting.

The EyePal can be used by pistol/bow and rifle shooters and there’s one of each in the ‘Master Kit’, or two of each type in the ‘Handgun/ Bow Kit’ and ‘Rifle Kit’. At £19.95, it is very good value for such an effective product.

EyePal® Peep Sighting System versatility and flexibility

Many EyePal archers and iron-sight shooters see their sights and target together in focus for the first time in their lives. This is because they have become familiar with the top-performing EyePal product line since its introduction at the gun shows in September 2007.  EyePal is a glasses-mounted static-cling peep sight and is the “eyesight” of choice at the NRA CMP National Pistol and Rifle Trophy Matches.

Shooting with both eyes open
When shooting pistol or rifle with both eyes open, two EyePal apertures are used to get normal "binocular" vision with total eye relief. With the following procedure, a shooter can easily acquire a perfect sight picture without using blockers or squinting. Get the aiming eye set up first and then bring up the other EyePal up to the "off-eye" so that its image is superimposed on the aiming eyes' image. This offers both eyes total "eye relief" in that there is no focusing effort on the part of the eyes as the images are already in focus. The EyePal aperture diameters are set at infinity and as a result, all elements in the aperture are in focus. The same holds true for red dots and fiber optic sights. EyePal has all the features that competitors demand; outstanding visual acuity performance, versatility and durability.
You might recall the pinhole shoebox eclipse viewer and its focused image that you made when you were a Boy Scout. It's another EyePal unique versatility feature.

EyePal can't be beat and it's guaranteed. See more information at EyePalUSA.com.

A Sporting Clays customer's EyePal Master Kit experience

Dear Charlie, 
I want to thank you for imparting some of your optical knowledge and experience to me.  
Here's my story. 
Avid shotgun shooter and student of the game for 56 years. 
Left handed 
Left dominant eyed 

Sporting clays 
Wing shooting experience on multiple continents 
Previously-skeet, trap, and flyers 

My work and age related eye issues have caused a deterioration of vision acuity in my left dominant eye has occurred leaving me with 20/30 corrected in my left eye and 20/15 corrected in my right or weak eye. 
Frequently the right eye wants to be dominant especially if the target is a right to left crossing one. I tried teaching myself to wink (as many shot gunners do) at the point of hard focus and firing. This was very difficult for me as it required thinking about doing something instead of just watching the target. John David Shima is right as rain. (Book -The Moment of Truth) 
I live by the old adage and quote, "How can a man think and hit at the same time?" 
Lawrence Peter (Yogi) Berra. 
I have relied on shooting aids such as Vaseline, scotch tape, Spot Shot optical foils, friction tape, and other devices to blur or block central vision in the right eye when the gun is in the mounted position. After several days at a tournament, ones dominant eye becomes fatigued and the weak eye begins to find a way to establish more control. Looking around the dots is common and this results in poor or partial gun mounts. 
I was intrigued when I read about your apertures and through several long listening sessions with you and a good bit of trial and error on my own, I have discovered that using the wide or "shotgun" sized aperture Eye Pal on my weak eye (in my mounted central vision position on my shooting glasses) that I can see through the aperture and have a depth of focus with that eye. The right eye (the weak eye) doesn't "grab" the target resulting in the misses that I was having with the other devices. I'm still experimenting and shooting with it and thus far am very pleased. I want to order a number of them to have on hand for students and friends. Typically if you point with your forearm hand finger in front of your dominant eye you are pointing straight at the target object. If you close your master eye then the finger is no longer on the target object. With the Eye Pal the target "jump" experienced by this maneuver is minimized or non-existent. This is not what I expected.  
My eye fatigue that is normally present using solid dots is greatly relieved using the Eye Pal. This was a welcome experience. 
I don't have all the answers but I'm intrigued and excited about the learning experience and the improvement in my consistency using the Eye Pal.  
So far we have learned that the handgun aperture is just a bit too small so I was glad to see your larger “Shotgun” aperture in the mail recently. I’ll be happy to report on its affect at a later date.
The Eye Pal is easily moved from one set of glasses to another without harm and reuse is a snap.  
For grins I put an Eye Pal on both eyes of my regular Rx glasses in the proper place and watched an Atlanta Braves baseball game. The depth of focus improvement was quite remarkable. 
What would happen if a softball pitcher or baseball pitcher used one on his master eye while pitching? 
No matter, I thank you for your kindness in helping me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I know that if it helped me that it's highly likely that it will help others that are either cross dominant, central dominant, or shooting off the wrong shoulder. 
Best wishes in your endeavor.  

With great respect I am,

R. Greg Stewart DVM MS Ph.D 
Southern Veterinary Services Inc.