Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A visit to my Ophthalmologist

My eyes were acting strangely and my O.D. did some looking around. My cataracts were at the same level as last year. My focus was not stable and it bothered me. He asked about my blood sugar levels and I told him that when my blood sugar was down, my blood pressure was down as well and made me feel unwell. When he asked about hydration, I said I thought I was dehydrated more often lately. He said that diabetics often have changes in eye function where the lens is affected adversely. With hydration and snacks during the day, my symptoms have largely stabilized. Based on our gun show experiences, I remarked on the number of shooters with diabetes who are now shooting better with the EyePal aperture as it resolved their changing sight picture. My ophthalmologist asked how EyePal was doing and then he asked about having a Master kit on hand to show to his shooters. He knows that shooting glasses only show the sights in focus but not the target.  He feels that just by having EyePals on hand that word will spread to other ophthalmologists and optometrists who will take an interest in solving their target shooter’s dilemma. 

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