Tuesday, July 11, 2017

EyePal® Care Manual

The EyePal Care Manual is short and sweet. Clean glasses are a must with static-cling EyePals. The other challenge is finger oil so wash the EyePal with hand soap and warm water, dry it and with it on your fingertip, rub it on a piece of fleece or polyester to charge it up. It should stick to your fingertip when charged up this way. Store EyePals in their included Contact lens Case to keep them clean.

A visit to my Ophthalmologist

My eyes were acting strangely and my O.D. did some looking around. My cataracts were at the same level as last year. My focus was not stable and it bothered me. He asked about my blood sugar levels and I told him that when my blood sugar was down, my blood pressure was down as well and made me feel unwell. When he asked about hydration, I said I thought I was dehydrated more often lately. He said that diabetics often have changes in eye function where the lens is affected adversely. With hydration and snacks during the day, my symptoms have largely stabilized. Based on our gun show experiences, I remarked on the number of shooters with diabetes who are now shooting better with the EyePal aperture as it resolved their changing sight picture. My ophthalmologist asked how EyePal was doing and then he asked about having a Master kit on hand to show to his shooters. He knows that shooting glasses only show the sights in focus but not the target.  He feels that just by having EyePals on hand that word will spread to other ophthalmologists and optometrists who will take an interest in solving their target shooter’s dilemma. 

EyePal customers and their vision challenges

The many thousands of customers looking for a vision solution has been a humbling experience witnessed by us for over a ten-year presence at the New England and New York gun shows. Customers with some difficult vision challenges were shown a simple aperture that could resolve most of their issues. Many vision challenges were a life-long hindrance and the EyePal resolved those issues. Of course, there were a good number who denied any vision issues even though they wore Rx glasses. The women shooters were conscious of their vision issues and gladly accepted the opportunity to try EyePal on their Rx glasses. They also wanted to best their mates as well. The gun shows were a marketing resource where the need was adequately demonstrated and the simple solution was to the amazement of the attendees. The fact is 70% of the population has vision-correction and will not see well enough to visualize their rifle and pistol sights in focus. Many will not see the distant target either. Is it safe to say the EyePal aperture resolves many refractive errors of the eye? Simply stated; yes.

EyePal wholesale distribution challege

We started to get interest in 2012 from PyramydAir, a wholesale Airgun distributor in Solon, Ohio who received an EyePal customer email referral asking them to stock EyePal products. That was the waterfall that prevailed over the next few years that expanded to a co-branding effort with Lyman Products Corporation, Middletown, CT. Their global marketing presence and distribution has helped our wholesale volume grow substantially.  We also have a distributor in the UK who also takes care of the EU marketplace. The EyePal product has global distribution but lacks major marketing support as we are quite small as a business. The Small Business Administration defines a “small business” as having up to 500 employees. The Resident Artist Studio LLC is known as a “Mom and Pop” and we don’t have a brick and mortar presence. We do business on the web as www.residentartist.com. EyePal has a webpage www.EyePalUSA.com where orders are received and shipped. We continue to receive domestic and international orders from all over the globe and we’ve quite pleased with results.

EyePal customer feedback is important

EyePal is definitely a customer-oriented feedback dependent product. Should you contribute to the feedback? I would and I do contribute honest reviews of products I purchase on Amazon. If you have a moment, Google ”EyePal Peep” to see what others think of being able to see what they haven’t seen in years, possibly ever.

Here’s a “Top critical review” currently listed in Amazon;

Top critical review

2 people found this helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars well made, nice case. simple peep.
By Michial Celvion January 4, 2014
A little pricey for simple peeps that stick on. Nicely done peeps with a good holder. A peep can't really solve aging eyes completely. I used a +1.00 pair of safety glasses and put the peep on those. This brought the handgun sights in focus for my eye and the peep helped for the target at distance. After all, the sight picture at the gun is most critical. To see if this works for you prior to ordering, a peep in a piece of electrical tape would allow you to test the concept prior to ordering.

My comment is that all customer’s eyes are different just like our fingerprints. What works for him is important and it may help others to see how he compensated for his vision issue as “2 people found this helpful.” I’ll let the other reviews speak for themselves. Reviews have definitely contributed to the EyePal’s #1 position in popularity and performance among shooters with vision challenges and best of all, even those without correction.

EyePal Peep Sighting kits availability on the Amazon Marketplace

It’s a real pleasure to be able to look at the EyePal product reviews in the Amazon marketplace. Therein can be found a lot of feedback from customers who have vision challenges that make the target shooting hobby difficult at best. The Amazon feedback assessment is a true indicator of customer satisfaction with the products they buy. Most people we know search the net for product performance, pricing and availability before committing to buy online. EyePal kits can now be bought through Amazon from many sellers for many differing price points and shipping rates. It makes the decision to squeeze the trigger easier.