Tuesday, July 11, 2017

EyePal customers and their vision challenges

The many thousands of customers looking for a vision solution has been a humbling experience witnessed by us for over a ten-year presence at the New England and New York gun shows. Customers with some difficult vision challenges were shown a simple aperture that could resolve most of their issues. Many vision challenges were a life-long hindrance and the EyePal resolved those issues. Of course, there were a good number who denied any vision issues even though they wore Rx glasses. The women shooters were conscious of their vision issues and gladly accepted the opportunity to try EyePal on their Rx glasses. They also wanted to best their mates as well. The gun shows were a marketing resource where the need was adequately demonstrated and the simple solution was to the amazement of the attendees. The fact is 70% of the population has vision-correction and will not see well enough to visualize their rifle and pistol sights in focus. Many will not see the distant target either. Is it safe to say the EyePal aperture resolves many refractive errors of the eye? Simply stated; yes.

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