Tuesday, July 11, 2017

EyePal customer feedback is important

EyePal is definitely a customer-oriented feedback dependent product. Should you contribute to the feedback? I would and I do contribute honest reviews of products I purchase on Amazon. If you have a moment, Google ”EyePal Peep” to see what others think of being able to see what they haven’t seen in years, possibly ever.

Here’s a “Top critical review” currently listed in Amazon;

Top critical review

2 people found this helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars well made, nice case. simple peep.
By Michial Celvion January 4, 2014
A little pricey for simple peeps that stick on. Nicely done peeps with a good holder. A peep can't really solve aging eyes completely. I used a +1.00 pair of safety glasses and put the peep on those. This brought the handgun sights in focus for my eye and the peep helped for the target at distance. After all, the sight picture at the gun is most critical. To see if this works for you prior to ordering, a peep in a piece of electrical tape would allow you to test the concept prior to ordering.

My comment is that all customer’s eyes are different just like our fingerprints. What works for him is important and it may help others to see how he compensated for his vision issue as “2 people found this helpful.” I’ll let the other reviews speak for themselves. Reviews have definitely contributed to the EyePal’s #1 position in popularity and performance among shooters with vision challenges and best of all, even those without correction.

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